Vivaldi & Handel Arias
Gabriella Di Laccio | Fernando Cordella
Musica Antiqua Clio

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“Gabriella Di Laccio is a fine dramatic soprano, with a formidable technique, ably displayed in the three Vivaldi arias recorded here. Fernando Cordella sets cracking tempi, to which di Laccio fully responds – the well-known ‘Agitata da due venti’ (track 2) is particularly scintillating, with the da capo suitably embellished.
Musica Antiqua Clio are a new name for me; they come into their own in sinfonias to L’Olimpiade  (Vivaldi) and Rinaldo  (Handel), which are played with much energy and accuracy (with repeats in the latter meticulously observed).”

- Early Music Review

“An exciting mix of the familiar - Rinaldo, Giulio Cesare - and the less so - Vivaldi's Juditha Thirumphans and L'Olimpiade... the whole dis bubbles with energy and risky coloratura with which Gabriella Di Laccio has no obvious difficulties."
- Lark Reviews

“Coloratura soprano Gabriella Di Laccio sings Handel and Vivaldi with great style... this CD is a testimonial of competence and talent."
- Cultura FM


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