What is the reality when it comes to women composers in concert performances worldwide?  How far are we from making a significant change?

Quite far, it seems.

We thought this would be a valid research in order to give a better picture of the reality of gender inequality when it comes to the top orchestras in the world and how far we are from making a significant change.

To explore this scenario, Drama Musica gathered information from the 2018-2019 seasons that have been programmed by 15 major orchestras worldwide. The orchestras were selected taking into consideration the Gramophone Magazine list, chosen by a panel of leading music critics.

Here are some of the findings from the data we analyzed:

  • Collectively, the 15 orchestras will perform more than 1,400 concerts worldwide;
  • ONLY 76 concerts will at least one piece by a WOMAN composer;
  • 94.7% of these concerts will present ONLY works by MALE composers,
  • At the concerts, 3524 MUSICAL WORKS will be performed;
  • 3442 were written by MALE composers;
  • ONLY 82 were written by women composers.

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Out of 1445 concerts worldwide, ONLY 76 included works by women composers.

Further details on the research:
  • The orchestras included are: Royal Concertgebouw, Berliner Philarmoniker, Vienna Philharmoniker, London Symphony Orchestra, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland Orchestra, Dresden Staatskapelle, Boston Symphony Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphony Orchestra and São Paulo Symphony Orchestra;
  • The programs and repertoire included are from the 2018-2019 season as listed on each orchestra website and literature prior to the start of the season;
  • We took into consideration mainly the official concerts of each season. Gala concerts, touring and family concerts were only included when the information provided included a full programme of the pieces that will be performed;
  • Chamber music concerts were only included if they were performed by members of the orchestra.

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