Susie Georgiadis | Soprano

Italy and Brazil have their Histories strongly linked. The first Italian Ambassador, Gabriele Galateri di Genola, arrived in Brazil in 1859, even before the modern Italian State had finished Reunification.

The Italian culture influenced Brazil in many different ways and reached also the music, not only with traditional Italian songs but also with the merging with other Brazilians music styles. As an example, São Paulo was defined to a large degree by the Italian immigration of the 19th century. The city’s musical life in particular was marked by the presence of Italians and their descendants.

Brazilian born soprano Susie Georgiadis pay homage to her home and adopted countries presenting a programme of full of history, colours, and musical richness. Featuring chamber compositions for voice and piano by Female Italian & Brazilian composers. This CD will be part of our collection DONNE, dedicated to female composers.

Soprano Susie Helena Georgiadis was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil from a Greek father and German mother. Since 1998 she lives and works in Italy and shares both Italian and Brazilian nationalities. This extraordinary cultural melting-pot allowed her to develop an extremely wide range of musical interest. An artist with a great sensitivity during interpretation capped by a stage presence of magnetic effect and spiced with a warm velvet voice. Her exquisite musicality allows quite an uncommon eclectic use of her voice. Indeed her repertoire encompasses different styles, from operas up till the 21st century's repertoire passing through the Viennese and Hungarian operettas. She also indulges in challenges like the fine interpretation of sophisticated Brazilian classical music, with remarkable results.



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